Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Honest to goodness cat walk and a family of cardinals

As I mentioned on Facebook, today I graduated from my home-nurse visits. She had only been coming about once or twice a week but still it's nice not to wait around all day. It was really hard on Harry to wait to go outside till 4:30 because he knew it was going to rain. That makes him really anxious. So when we finally could go out he decided to ignore the sprinkles of rain.

Welcome little flowers that grow in the grass but refuse to grow in flowerbeds.

Raining a bit harder now and still okay.

I thought well, he's tree hugging, he probably can't even feel the rain.

These are tiny flowers you don't necessarily see unless you're waiting for a cat to finish snorting pine.

Nope he can feel the rain.

But he took off away from home anyway.

It rained hard enough that I put on my coat to protect my camera and he kept going.

Might wanna get used to seeing these babies as these are the main blossoms around here.

Not the easiest to take pictures with a travelling cat who is on a mission.

The back yard was very cool. Lots of cardinals. A family I think. Neat to recognize their call before seeing them. There were at least two reds and one not so red.

It didn't rain the whole time we were out but I'm still really proud of the little boy. Hard to say. Tomorrow he might not set foot off the porch.


There were at least 2 reds and this one

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