Friday, 15 May 2015

Burgers, banana pops & Harry predicts the weather

Today I had the best hamburger ever at Montana's with these sweet people.

Here's the menu picture from their website.

Even though it's called a chipotle firecracker burger it wasn't too hot so order extra peppers if you like it hot. Free appetizer too if you look up the coupon on your phone.

End of unsolicited commercial!

I'd never seen a Popsicle that you peel like a banana!

Thanks for making my day Annette and Ava! See you on Monday Olivia!

I was disappointed that it didn't rain harder this afternoon.

Remember these jazz-handing the sun shiny blondes from yesterday?

Here the same flowers today:

I think they are still beautiful. In photography club Tristan said that clouds are natures way of naturally diffusing the sun so I want to embrace that too. I can let more or less light in with the camera.

Old berries will soon make way to new.

Look both ways before you cross the street.

Harry had a good nap on his treadmill bed this afternoon after chippie hunting.

He had his nose covered which according to Mom meant it's going to snow!

He perked right up later to play with his new toy that Annette made him.

So cute how he held onto it while watching his bug show.


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