Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tulip extravaganza

First of all lets admire little firefighter Lorelai!

Spring flowers mean that I'll finally be able to work with these cute winter jammie pictures. Maybe it'll be a you're having a baby sister or brother story. Cause she is yay! New Year's Eve baby!

(Although I'm kinda bad on the follow through of actually writing the stories even though I'm perfectly capable.)

My niece Deborah sent me this picture that she took today:

Pretty sure they need to be in Lorelai's story. I've never seen anything like them. The bug is cute too.

Can you see Emily? She sang in the local Kodely choir tonight.

Had to give up my ticket as I'm not quite up to 3 plus hours of those chairs but I'm very proud of her!

These are the first over eager tulips. They're a bit scraggly but do well considering they get no sun whatsoever that I can tell and the dirt they are in looks like concrete.

You'll be able to tell now that I'm across the road at the well cared for garden.

These are my favourite pictures of the day:

I have to say I'm not real keen on daffodils- remind me too much of hanging out with ML at the cancer house.

But I try to appreciate their beauty and remember the fun.

Back across the road I headed around the big building too. Amazing the difference having water along can make in my decision to go further.

I went off road a bit up this steeper in real life than it looks here hill.

Found my own Sakura cherry blossoms.

We have exactly 3 trilliums in our bug garden.

I think this bird might be the kind that turns yellow in the summer. Not sure but it sure wasn't afraid of me.

Late afternoon light. Too nice to only walk once.

When you see these you know I'm home.

Rolled right off the sidewalk.

Tomorrow fellow camera club friend Alice and I are going over to Rockway Gardens to take pictures so there might be one or two flower pictures again :-)

Good night.


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