Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Toronto fun part 2

Continuing on with yesterday's fun. I'm splitting it up even more than this because like the old joke about the pig with 3 wooden legs, you don't eat a pig that good all at once.

Cooper woke up from his nap in time to exclaim over the many towers.

You know you've taken too many pictures of flowers lately when you're excited that the orange Harvey's sign picks up the orange in the Lamborghini.

Melissa's house!

Super yummy picnic.

Coop took quite a tumble off of his seat and gave his head quite a bump. He needed bubbles to help his head feel better. We didn't have the bubble machine ready yet so Deb improvised MacGyver style with drinking straws.

Always the fashionista:

Wedge heels did not slow her down on the playground as you will see another day.

The bubbles helped but he did have quite a goose egg.

We headed up to Melissa's apt. Her view:

And the cute fruit trees that Annette crocheted identity labels for.

There's an apple too.

Never was ice cream more enjoyed!

On our walk in Toronto I realized that I've lost quite a bit of conditioning over the past few months. Even though I still walked a bit when I was in pain I need the swimming portion of the show to keep me going. Oh well I'll get it back plus more. So today when I wasn't taking pictures I booted it faster and further.

Helped that it was lovely and cold and there was actually a bit of precipitation to look for on the plants. And most of all NO bugs.

My pansies were either really thirsty or not as pleased as I am with the cold.

Hopefully they can enjoy life again.

I love the petal strewn paths right now.

Yeah that's rain...

But it felt a little like snow so I think we can agree that Harrison was right to sleep with his nose covered, and he's doing it again right now.

I was excited because I thought I'd get the pink tulips in a state of rain but they are a little too protected.


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