Sunday, 3 May 2015

Saying goodbye to Lizzy

I haven't blogged the pictures from April 19th when we got together to see off Heather and Lizzy. There's a big album on my wall with all the pictures called Saying Goodbye to Heather and Lizzy but here are some of them.

Karen does a great fishy face which totally impressed Lizzy because that's how she kisses.

Cooper was going through a really cute stage where nothing made him happier than running the keurig coffee machine.

Trying to do what the big kids are doing.

Big time dance moves:

Shovel ball.

Beautiful sisters.


And lots of hugs.

Just a few months till they're back!

Beautiful day out there today. Our tulip in the shade is opening very slowly.

This ones gonna be yellow I think.

We could use some rain.

One lonely half pint tulip in the sun.

Elaine's tulips.

I know I should dead head my flowers but I tend to get attached to individual blooms.

Wouldn't let him hang out under the pine tree so we had a combo temper tantrum/happy to be alive on a beautiful day roll.

It literally took me ten minutes to find this yelling Robin. The leaves are starting to provide cover even at this stage.

Tomorrow I see my radiation oncologist. Hoping she doesn't have any bright ideas that involve radiation again. Karen and I are going to have fun before hand though so I'm looking forward to that.


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