Saturday, 30 May 2015

Don't be a sap

Really fun day! All iPod pictures today. 

Went south of the border shoppping with good friends. Ate at Olive Garden, stole a kid's menu because it had pirate stickers and got to go to Trader Joe's!

This was the funniest thing. I think its just sap!

Maybe not so different from paying for "spring" water I guess. Still I think it's hilarious. 

Here's their reasoning:

"Lately, some interesting natural drink alternatives have been appearing on the scene. Some of these can be found on our shelves, including an Aloe beverage, and Coconut Water. Our newest unconventional beverage offering is Maple Water... though historically speaking, this is not new, at all.

It’s likely that Native Americans in the Northeast discovered tree sap as they went about their daily lives, inhabiting the forests of Maple trees. And, that’s exactly what our Maple Water is—tree sap, culled from trees in a sustainable way (that doesn’t harm the Maples). It’s the same stuff that when reduced over heat, becomes what you enjoy on your pancakes and waffles. However, unreduced tree sap contains 98% percent water and is much less viscous. So when you drink it, you get a refreshing sense of hydration, with a nice hint of mapley sweetness.

We do heat our Maple Water—but just long and hot enough to pasteurize it, without removing all the nutrients inherited from the soil that were meant to nourish the tree. Of course, humans are not trees. We have a completely different set of nutritional needs than do Maples. But, while the jury’s still out on whether or not this beverage actually provides any true health benefits to people, there’s certainly no denying the fresh deliciousness of a chilled glass of 100% Maple Water.

It’s also worth mentioning that Trader Joe’s Maple Water has half calories and half the sugar of Coconut Water. Did we mention that it’s also fewer dollars than other brands? Just $2.99 for the 32-ounce, shelf-stable container. Please be kind to the poor saps who are paying $5.99 and up for the very same drink experience. Better yet, bring them with you on your next Trader Joe’s visit."

We visited this store that has nothing to do with Christmas:

And took a few before and after the rain pictures of Kathy's flowers. 

Yay for rain!

Then karen and Emily came over bringing supper and their nail kit! I'm all set for summer except first I'm promised some wonderfully cool weather for a few days!

Still not happy with this new blogging app but it'll do for a few pictures. 


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