Monday, 11 May 2015

Magnolia, tulip and blossom drive by

Yesterday Henry picked me up and we chased flowers in his car. That's like storm chasing except not.

This magnolia tree was on its way out but you know me, flowers on their way out interest me just as much if not more.

Over to Rockway Gardens. The closest thing we have to a Victorian public garden around here. It was established in 1872.

So I just spent an hour looking for a picture of karen when she was one year old in her little white dress at Rockway Gardens in Henry and Marcia's wedding pictures. I didn't find that but I fell down a rabbit hole in my computer so you can bet there will be a blog entry soon with old pictures!

Kitchener style Sakura :-)

Actually prettier than the ones at High Park in Toronto last year but we only saw the later varieties.

My teenage self is wincing at my new found love of cherry blossoms and Victorian gardens. Other than the wedding picture event I usually found a trip to Rockway Gardens merely a super-boring barrier to our next step which was usually involved fish and chips nearby.

But now if I ever travel again I will always seek out old gardens in cities in honour of my time with ML at the Halifax Public Garden.

There were more open crabapple blossoms here.

And not coincidentally the Jars of Clay album - Inland - that I was listening to in Halifax comes on now as I write this. Back then the song Fall Asleep did not stand out but it sure does now.

Not many pictures from today. Too hot to go out till evening. But it rained a little and that got me out for a little.

Seem to be in a meme making mood tonight. Feel free to copy and use if you want. For that matter same goes for any non-business use of any of my non-people pictures. I like people to enjoy them.

I looked at so many fonts for that last one that I literally had to google the word reach to make sure I was spelling it right! In the end I bought this font. Glad to support artists.


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  1. Started a file for your mems nice. I don't know about "Reach even if you know you're going to be pruned" chuckle. How about the old addage "bloom where you are planted"