Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Two days- two Jays

So. I've had a busy few days as you know if you're on Facebook near me at all. 

On Monday Henry and I went to an evening bluejay's game that he had planned to take me to for my birthday which happens in April. We figure we might as well go on a nice warm evening, which btw it was not. But it was a great day. We spent the afternoon in Kensington Market, those pictures another time. It was a super fun place to take pictures. 

Before the game we went into the Steam Whistle brewery across from the stadium.  Sadly they didn't have any hard root beer but their soft one was really good. While we were there Henry ran into some old friends who had some tickets they couldn't use for this afternoon and the idea was born to bring Cooper to his first game. 

Here now are my iPod pictures from both games. I am way too tired to look at the pictures from my big camera, I've dozed off many times to the point of actually dreaming while writing this, so at some later point I'll post those, and you'll think, didn't we already see these? And you'll grin and bear? bare? it because you're super nice people and because it's not another squirrel :-)

Visited with some old friends before the game. 

Concentrating on getting the tower in his selfie. 

Brisket natchos are another old friend Henry and I share. Surprisingly much more affordable than the hot dogs. 

The Jays lost 7-0 but that really couldn't put a damper on this day. 

Today's iPod pictures. 

The tickets we were given meant we could go in this gate. 

And sit here!

Cooper and karen were looking at the elevator going up the tower. 

He says he wants to go up it with me and Karen. 

Love this picture:

There was a video encouraging clapping on. Wouldn't want to imply that Cooper was heavily into the game. 

He mostly enjoyed Karen's Tap the Frog game on her phone. 

Most of the crowd were school kids

From the 25 screens full of school names I'm thinking there were at least 250 schools represented. It was a sellout crowd on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Grandpa, an excellent coach, got a few teachable baseball moments in. And the Jays won 11-3!

Overall Cooper enjoyed himself though he did figure there were too many people and a couple of times we couldn't hear him which he finds very frustrating. 

There was no getting a ball with this kid beside us. He said he'd gotten 7 and was giving them to friends but Cooper didn't really know it was a option anyway. 

I forget how goofy my hat is but it works so well. 

Karen took this amazing picture. No filters or editing, the clouds were making the tower vibrate. 

Traffic was brutal, three hours to get home because of how bad it was around the dome, but we made it if not on time, at least with enough time for Cooper to enjoy his last gymnastic lesson for this session and graduate on the podium :-)


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