Thursday, 2 June 2016


I'm moving back toward complaining about the weather again. 

Even creepy statue girl is hidden from the sun behind the green. 

If you can't beat the yellow mulch bag in the background - use it. 

And if the squirrels are too busy to need your food look up. 

I like trying to catch the finches in the trees. They don't sit for long. 

Just a brief cardinal sighting. 

Well if the squirrels don't want them...

I'll take it. 

Did see a few friends. 

Harry insisted on an evening walk. 

We got cawed and hollered at by robins and squirrels.  

Harry considering whether or not he should get my attention by chewing the iPad cord. 

In the end he decided against it which I rewarded with some peacock feather play. 


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