Friday, 17 June 2016

Clown eared chippy & a baby bunny

I posted this a few days ago but accidentally made it private. So here are last Thursday's pictures:

This white flower was a fun target in the wind. 

The chippies were in hyper drive. 

This is the only one I recognize from other days because of it's super foldy left ear.  

At first I thought it had a big bite out of it but it's just very exuberantly large and almost gathered like fabric elastic I think. Reminds me of a clown shoe. Pretty sure his/her name is Elf or Frodo. 

Baby bunny! Friendly reminder to leave them alone if you find a nest. Their mom only feeds them twice a day and stays away the rest of the time. Hiding is their big defence and this little guy needs to work on his hide and seek skills. 

No problem eating off of my shoe but...

Nope. Not quiiiiiite ready for the hand. Came within about 6 inches. 

There's a whole conversation here. 

Might have been telling me he was going to follow me home because I think he did. 

This guy followed me home and was pretty confused when I wouldn't feed him. It's not just that I don't want to break the rules

I don't think it makes sense to feed them on Harry's territory. City cat or no, he's capable of catching one. I think he would probably end up with the bites and I don't want either of them hurt.  


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