Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Clumsy Chippy

Today I mostly worked on pictures for a story about a clumsy chippy for three of my great nieces. There was no problem at all getting chippy interaction, knocking figures over is their specialty which I love, but the light was really tricky which is a good challenge and forces me to go to manual settings. 

Peppa the pig may get involved as well. Hard to know for sure at this point. 

I took so many pictures of this set up today that a neighbor lady called out her window "Lady! Why don't you take a picture of the cardinal in the tree above you?" Ha. I never did see it but I thanked her for the advice. 

I want to return Cooper and Lizzy's toys as soon as possible so I just took some pictures of them and they turned out to be my favourites of the day. 

Speaking of favourites...

Just a few other friends then I'm off to bed. Lots of adventures in store tomorrow. 

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