Saturday, 4 June 2016

Wednesday on Saturday

If Emily and Karen hadn't come over I would only have these three pictures for you today. It was just too hot in my bug gear. I took these pictures of leaves while Harry communed with the garbage area. 

And then I went in the house and made this:

They keep promising cooler weather but it's always exactly two days away. Cheer up me there are worse things than summer!!!

I had a lovely surprise visit from Karen and Emily since they'll be busy on Wednesday when they usually come. It was fun to watch Karen plant my flowers 

And Emily practice for her dance recital. 

Harry deigned to join us. 

Emily even sits like a dancer

My ceramic cat is broken in half but can still participate. 

A hug for the fuschia plant

Arranging the flowers. 

Thanks ladies!

PS I got a hair cut too so maybe that'll help me be less grumpy about the weather :-)

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