Friday, 24 June 2016

Kensington Market

Before the evening blue Jays game last Monday Henry and I spent some time in the Kensington Market. 

It's not a self contained area like St Lawrence market or our local stockyards but rather a neighbourhood of a few square blocks. If you're kind of judgey and not into a bit of a funky area maybe stay away but I thought it was pretty neat. 

The weather was great driving in. 

We headed past the dome. 

Kensington st itself is pretty short. 

We were happy to drive around until we found a place to park on Augusta Avenue. 

This car garden was neat. 

Parking enforcement gave it a pass. 

We're not big shoppers and only went into this store. 

I wish I had stopped to look at this longer. 

But at least I took a picture of the name of the artist. 

The sign over the dogs reads dying breed. 

I had noticed this little Thai place when we drove by. 

Apparently this is a new style of clothes to wear. Not weirder than what we wore in the 90's I guess. 

I'll devote a whole blog post to the polaroll icecream we had another time. It looks like it might be grainy but is super creamy. 

Henry noticed these two. 

A farewell to a statue of the King of Kensington from the old tv show

And we headed back towards the baseball game. A very cool experience. 

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