Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Roses and rapid rodents

This seems to be a good year for the backyard rose bush. 

My new little friend Amber

We have a new community garden in the back. 

A little corner rose bush chugging along unaided for many years. 

I decided to try to get the chippies in motion. Much easier said than done. 

Gazebo chippies are even faster. You never know if they're going to cram 2 or 3 unshelled peanuts in before they run for it. 

Sometimes they come back with half a mouthful. I don't understand that. 

Elf of the extravagantly curly left ear. 

Here's someone new with a very fancy tail. 

Nicer weather these past few days that both Harry and I agree is nice for a walk. 

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