Sunday, 26 June 2016

Our new lad

Today this little boy named Logan became more real to us than a picture in his first visit from Scotland. 

We tried to be all cool and low key but I think you can see the joy. 

It was so great to see Heather and Gary and Lizzy and Logan. 

Aunt Deborah bringing the smiles. 

And a bit of spit up. 

It was actually more surprising that Uncle Airplane didn't cause more spit up. 

Wow this guy thinks I can walk!

You know what?

By diggity maybe I can!

Grandma is pretty happy to have all 6 grandkids available. 

Not only can I walk, I may also be the lion king! What a great day!


Two cousins wearing their first concert t-shirts. 

Ava is only a bun away from catching Emily!

Lizzy loves her little brother so much

Mary Lynn was not forgotten as Henry brought rose mallow plants grown from seeds that Anne saved from ML's garden when were out at her funeral. Seeds that we think Mary Lynn got from Anne who got them from Mom. 

While I played my birthday gift Squarrels card game Melissa was doing an awesome photo shoot outside. 

When my game was over Melissa was taking slo-mo teddy toss video 

And I needed to join that fun. Those photos tomorrow. Lets just say I put myself in the direct line of fire!

And loved every minute. 

Can't wait to spend more time with this little Dynamo over the next 6 weeks. 


Logan was still having a great day

He gave Melissa more smiles and a bit of spit up on her toes for good luck.  

Time for good bye hugs till next time 

And a bit of clean up by Cooper who summed up the day on his way home by saying "So... that was pretty awesome!!"

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  1. So that was what was going on in there. I'm glad you had a great time.