Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Vivi's excellent ballgame

I had so much fun attending Vivi's softball game this evening. She's on the Macdonald's McFlurry team and she did great!

They practice for a good while before the game. 

Out"field" lived up to its name for sure. 

Ava taking a break before her volunteer job of getting the catcher ready to go during the game. 

This warm up activity was new to me. 

Ava had an equipment manager assistant 

Vivi slugged a really good one and started a great inning for her team. 

Big sister hug for a job well done. 

They lost by one run but I don't think that affected the fun level in the slightest. 

Edited: they actually won! I should probably get my hearing checked :-)

Well done Vivi!

May as well support the sponsor :-) 

On a side note, I've learned that my favourite black and white pictures are ones where there's a sun flare. Gives it some oomph. 

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