Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A day with Anne

Had a very nice day with my sister Anne today. She drove me to my eye specialist in London where I had a perfect check up. No change in my fields tests since 1999!

No change in the poor furniture choices in brand new hospital lobbies either. 

Seriously, mid calf high. No one with bad knees could get off that. 

On a higher note we had fun baby chippy lunch theatre!

When he tried and failed to get in here

He worked this feeder like a mountain climber. 

Anne showed me a clam found in the Nith river. Who knew!?

She made me a flower arrangement to take home with her first rose. 

And they dropped me off on the way to celebrate her husband Leonard having given blood 50 times. 

This kind of steady giving means a lot after Mary Lynn needed so much blood to give her a fighting chance. Anne has given many many times as well. 

Still wanted to go over to the gazebo when I got home. 

I was really interested in seeing if this feeder survived yesterday's wind storm. Sure did. 

Interesting light later in the day. 

Getting excited to see these faces in real life in a few weeks! 

And here's a little video of the baby Chippy trying to get into the finch feeder. Don't worry, he and his relatives recently emptied the feeder - standing there and eating the whole thing. 

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