Sunday, 19 June 2016

Cooper's baseball game

I've already showed my iPod pictures of this but here are the pictures from my big camera of the afternoon game on Tuesday. 

Cooper associates my place with popcorn so I thought we'd start the day off right. 

He noticed this pattern in the clouds right away. 

Lots of good people watching as I waited for them to park. It was interesting to get literally yelled at by a police officer when we pulled over just long enough for me to get out. He's telling me we can't stop there unless we are handicapped but couldn't wait for me to find my sticker. Next time I will have it at the ready!

I get why he might have been stressed, the traffic was brutal. 

But we all met up successfully and made our way in. 

Cooper was very good about always holding a hand or being held in the crowd. 

Cooper said later that the blue birdy was his favourite baseball player but he didn't want to high five him. Fair enough. 

Nothing more fun than a shoot out by the home team. 

Love this little jump for joy Jose gave after Josh's grand slam. 

Cooper enjoyed this part. 

250 schools!

Playing Tap the Frog on Karen's phone. 

This little girl was adorable 

It got very very loud!

Cooper enjoyed the 7th inning stretch. 

We left after that. Gonna be an interesting sun burn there. 

It took them almost an hour to come the 2 blocks from the parking lot during which an air guitar guy was blaring Highway to Hell the whole time but I managed to hop into the car without any further police help so it all worked out and we had a great day!

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