Thursday, 1 June 2017

Trick or Treat

Today my great nephew Cooper and his Grandpa came over after school. 

I had lots of treats ready to go but I knew Cooper would be looking for a very special one this time. 

You see he'd heard about Emily starting out to make these:

and me taking over with this as the final result:

Cooper loves to make jokes about pee and poop as is the way of his 4 year old people so he was ready to try some fake cat poop and maybe even play a trick on his Daddy when he got home. 

But first he had to try it for himself. 

He declared that it tasted very good!

Harry was so happy to have Cooper visit!

Cooper showed me lots of cool games on the tablet

And he knows when to put on a selfie face!

Grandpa took some nice pictures of us. 

Cooper was very gentle. 

We watched some pictures and video from Grandpa's trip to Peru

and had some of our regular fun. 

Cooper did some big jumps from colour to colour!

Then it was time to go home and get ready for soccer and see if Daddy likes cat pooh! Haven't heard the answer to that yet :-) 

Lizzy and Logan are coming to visit from Scotland in a month maybe we'll keep some in the freezer for them!

Here they are gearing up for summer fun!

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