Saturday, 24 June 2017

Walkin me own cat and Strawberry social

Harry's happy to report that his mum has stepped off the porch! Here we are in yesterday's humidity. 

There was quite a bit less humidity today as I went across to cover the Sunnyside Strawberry Social. 
As always, I can't show you the people, but the star of the show today was the mounds of beautiful red fruit.  

And no I didn't have any strawberries. I was pushing it strength wise doing this and I couldn't have sat down in those chairs to eat. In retrospect I could have asked for some strawberries to take home. Oh well maybe a blog reading elf will stop by with some :-)

I had a rest and Harry called me outside again. 

It was really great to get back into my volunteering again. I'm still kind of learning how much I can do but it was fantastic to see my friends and neighbors at the strawberry social and I think Harry's pleased that I'm willing to follow him off porch again. 

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