Monday, 12 June 2017

Field trip

Yesterday I headed out to Anne and Leonard's for a family craft day. It was very nice to get out. Anne's garden is really coming along. 

Crocheting did not really cross through to my drugged mind very well. 

Anne's table was so pretty. 

We had campfire bread thingies for supper. 

It's not very often in my family that there's a food fail. But that's why God made dessert. 

My camera and the kids went to visit the other farm. 

Who knew that Ava can fly!

Today's main photo project is not done, hoping to get a better shot at it tomorrow so please enjoy Maureen's peonies. I sure am. 

The ceremonial eating of the last honey badger cookie tonight. 

Well done honey badger, well done. 

Wound continues to slowly heal with very little let up in pain. Hoping to sleep tonight. I do have a new cushion for my chair that is making sitting a lot more comfortable and I'm very grateful for that. 

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