Monday, 5 June 2017

The quest of el gato

So, still working on that whole, as one friend put it, "this too shall pass" thing, but my doctor is on the case and optimism reigns. For today's fun I let myself look at my last batch of white magnolia pictures that I took in the cemetery in April. 

It really is the most peaceful spot. 


I allowed myself to use whatever filters and colours I wanted to edit these pictures with no thought given to symmetry of backgrounds etc. I know craaaazy!

I mean who's keeping score anyway?

For fun activity number two I started sewing my honey badger stuffy!

Mary did her best to earn a second cookie by trying to walk Harry today but it was drizzling a bit, and you know, he might melt. Just kidding, Mary can have ALL the cookies she wants. You don't even want to know all the many things that woman has done to help me out lately! 

I feel like we may have the makings of a quest here. He or she who can walk the silly cat wins the holy grail!

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