Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Honey badger don't care

Saw my surgeon in Hamilton today. She is pleased with how my wound is healing and says she got a decent border around the spot she took out. 

The fly in the ointment is that during this last surgery they did some more biopsies and found more cancer. 

Soooo we'll be doing this whole song and dance again in August or later. There isn't a hurry this time. Meanwhile I'll heal up and plan on having lots of summer fun. 

Once again the surgery will be in an area where no ostomy bags will be necessary so that's a positive. I won't deny that this really is not my favourite thing to do (because I'm not crazy) but on the other hand I prefer it to being told there are no options at all, something someone else at that cancer centre may have had to hear today. 

This is the part in the honey badger video where he "gets stung" by the cobra and passes out for a couple of hours. Then he gets up and carries on with his honey badger life. Nothing else to do!

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