Friday, 2 June 2017

Team shirts

Well my day started out great with a pop in visit from my niece Deborah who brought me some bbq chicken dinners and yummy homemade granola! No pictures, because I was not awake yet even though I was ambulatory and apparently talking :-)

Then these three ladies dropped in to make my day even further. Lookit their T Shirts!

They were off to Toronto for more fun. 

I thought I would see how it went to putter around my yard with my rollator and camera. Turns out sitting on my rollator is an emphatic NO even with my special V shaped pillow. It's not really how soft things are to sit on, it's more what angle what hits what, hits you know what, so I was not out long.  

Harry decided enough was enough and it was high time to go for a long walk. He was very very clear on this and sat there till long after dark waiting for me to cooperate. Sorry buddy. Currently trying to interest him in a game of laser tag and am being soundly ignored. It's a hard knock life for cats. 

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