Tuesday, 6 June 2017


This is me all excited because I am leaving my apartment for the first time in 12 days! I wanted a little test run in a car so I went with Henry to pick up my prescription to get things moving (Worked!) (Whoot!)

Turns out, unsurprisingly, that car rides are not my friend yet and my pain amped up quite a bit after. But it was still nice to be out in polite society again. 

And here I am home again with my first ice cap of the season. Don't worry I didn't drink much because then I can't complain if I don't sleep. 

I actually slept pretty well last night!

Harry and I were bird watching this afternoon and we have no idea why these robins were jumping around in the fuchsia plant but it was entertaining. 

His Nibs

We have some active crows as well. 

Apparently the hummingbirds are really busy around the other side of my building. Hopefully the word will spread. 

Two more important members of team honey badger, my friends Kathy and Jessica. And since it was raining I gave them two cookies each even though they didn't attempt a cat walk. 

Henry waved the leash around invitingly earlier in the day but Harry was having absolutely none of it since Henry had just committed the cardinal sin of vacuuming. 

Goodbye for you. 

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