Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Off the porch

Today was fun. My friend Susan came over to visit and learn the way of the cat. There was no cat walking but anyone who scoops the litter box has more than earned a honey badger cookie!

While she was here I saw a hummingbird! It didn't stay but at least I know they know where my feeders are. Makes me very happy. Then when Susan stepped outside to change the bird bath water a Chippy ran across the porch so I'm thinking Susan is probably Snow White or Cinderella with all the woodland creatures at her beck and call. Awesome!

This is a bad picture of a goldfinch on the fuchsia plant. I'm happy to see them as well. 

The public baths are still a big hit. 

We had a gargling contest today. 

Then for supper Karen and her family brought Chinese food!

Everyone had some Honey badger cookies. 


This is our new friend Joel. He's visiting from Germany for two months to improve his (already pretty good) English. 

Look our community garden has a scarecrow!

Ok so after supper the guys went to the mall and Emily painted my toenails bright pink

And made a very serious attempt at a cat walk. Which was really more of a cat carry 

And then a cat hurried home. 

However! After he was left to putter around the porch for a while to eat grass, Harrison actually initiated a walk! He stepped off the porch of his own accord with me not at the wheel. Mind you they didn't get much further than this but it is still the most fully realized walk to date. Stay tuned!

Years of practice pay off!

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