Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Here we go

I have not had much time to blog since I found out about tomorrow/today's surgery. And that's been intentional. Keeping busy has been the best therapy. Busy getting all my volunteer work ducks in a row. Telling the person I work one on one with that I would be away was hard. And probably missing taking pictures at walk and roll and Grand Harmony's spring concert will be hard too. 

But I have been enjoying watching my brother and nephew be awesome in Peru. Not too shabby for 67!

Or any age at that altitude!

Also my friend Andrew left us. I shot his and Johanna's wedding seven months ago with the help of my friend Melanie. At that time we knew it was only a matter time before his cancer finally over took him. 

But that didn't affect how he lived at all. 

I lost a bit of sleep one night wondering how I could ask Johanna if I could take pictures at his memorial service. The next day she asked me if I would do it! It just seemed a full circle kind of thing. 

So here's the slideshow I made for the service. If you watch it you might feel like you know him. 

And here's the celebration we had yesterday:

Such an amazing man!

But here's what I really want to tell you about tonight. My friend Kathy found this shirt for me on the Internet! As you know the honey badger is my theme animal for this cancer surgery tomorrow. Search for "honey badger don't care" on YouTube if you haven't seen it. Warning: bad language and hilarity. 

Apparently I was not the first to think of this. Those breast cancer people are always ahead of the game! Darn them and their forward thinking ways :-) But hey now I have this awesome shirt!

So anyhow, after Andrew's service Emily came over to my place and was making these very nice peanut butter cups. Beautiful eh?

But then she had to leave halfway through and I took over. Looks like moderate difficulty is beyond my grasp because...

This is what I created!

Yes. Yes. That is EXACTLY what they look like. 

I fear that I may lose my passport for going ahead and sticking the planned flags in them. Do they still shoot you for treason?

And good news!

They looked even more like THAT when they dried and the peanut butter started shining through!

Upside. They taste delicious and since I froze them I am now set for prank material for life!

Say hello to my leetle friend - cancer poo. The one that the honey badger smacked out!

My surgery is at 3:30 tomorrow May 24th. I appreciate so much all your love and prayers and support. Hope to be home same day if all goes well. Karen will keep you posted on my FB wall. And don't worry Dr. Chickadee has lots of good meds waiting for me at home!

Thanks to my friend Marjorie for the mega syringe!

Talk to you soon. 

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