Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Surgery date and chocolate toonies

Well that was fast! They called today and my surgery date is May 24th at 1:30. It's technically Victoria Day so I'm going to go into the OR singing God Save the Queen. Or not. Depends on how many relaxation drugs they give me. My goal is to spend as little time as humanly possible in the hospital - hopefully only one night. I've had enough of those places. The healing will take weeks and months and I can do that at home. Check my last blog post if none of this makes any sense. 

Lots of pre surgery appointments in the next two weeks! But there's always time to torture squirrels and chickadees with photo shoots!

Chickadees are so cool, they take everything in stride. Even giant chocolate loonies. 

Squirrels are a little more cautious. 

I make it a point not to give squirrels people food. They have never touched any candy that I have had them pose with. They spit out jelly beans at Easter. 

But this guy ate all the seeds...

And had an idea. 

I was busy texting on my phone when I heard the loud crinkling of aluminum foil. 

You know when you were in grade six and your teacher raffled off a giant Hershy bar as big as your desk? Well this was Mr Squirrel's lucky day. 

Cue the Benny Hill music in your head!

Cause this was hilarious! He would run

and fly

Then stop and eat. 

Rinse and repeat!

I think he had to stop and eat because it was probably melting in his mouth as he ran. 

Or maybe it was just that good. 

Not sure if this is the same squirrel. Probably not because he's probably still swinging up high in a tree on a huge sugar rush!

Sorry Cooper. I was going to give you the unopened toonie but somebody else got to it first!


  1. you created a CHOCOHOLIC!! :) Thank you for making me smile!

  2. He literally won the lottery.

  3. I'm wondering if that is what was happening when I saw two squirrels chasing each other around here. They had a sugar high. hehehehehe