Sunday, 24 September 2017

Four days

Sept 23

Was in Niagara Falls yesterday celebrating friend's birthdays.

This wasn't even all of the pumpkin things!

Even pasta!

Sept 19

Lots of activity at the bird feeders that day. I have not edited these pictures but you will see that there was interaction between the chippies and the mourning doves.

Bellying up to the bar.


Here's where it started. The chippie goosed the dove and it jumped straight up

And the posturing started.

Another arguement

Sept 21

Not many animals on this day so lots of pictures of one thing with slightly different camera settings

Sept 24

Yeah not a day to sit outside long and I resent that very much because I only have a few weeks more before my surgery and fall will be lost to me. The birds and animals were too smart to be moving around anyway.

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