Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Cooper is Five!

Last night we had a fun dinner for Cooper at Mother's. He had had his friend party at the Lego place on Saturday.

Cooper was rocking his transformer car and shoes that can do lots of tricks! You actually plug them in to a usb port to charge.

Showing Grandpa how to change the shoe colours

Uncle Josh too.

I had a yummy dessert drink

And Chris and Steve and Todd had fun at the salad bar

Steve won for prettiest salad

While Dana took salad that most looks like it has gravy on it. I was sure I took a picture of Chris's salad that was the clear winner of height and girth but I can't find it.

Grandma's looked pretty good too. 

Cooper rocked the kid's menu activities. He could do them all!


He's also very good at sprinkling cheese!

Time to open presents

Silly guy


Even sillier!

Coolest sleeveless hoodie ever!



And an excellent train set!

Happy birthday Cooper!

Never mind the obviously shady business going down in the parking lot

Today Karen helped me put my bird feeders back up. I was not expecting to feel good enough to walk over there before winter!

I really like the gazebo

It looks like the whole thing is plastic which I think is good except the roof. I don't know the reasoning behind that but it's all good. Can't wait to see the tip top!

All ready for the feeders tomorrow.

We don't have any photographic evidence of this but Harry took Karen for a walk tonight all the way over to the gazebo. Guess he's heard the buzz too!

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