Friday, 3 November 2017


I'm not going to lie it's been a pretty boring time here. A time with not a lot to report except slow and steady healing and a struggle to learn to wear pants and a catheter at the same time.

Today I managed it long enough to go outside and take a few pictures.

Proud of my fuchsia plant for continuing to try.

On Wednesday on the way to the clinic we drove by the new gazebo. I think it will still get a lid but I like it so far.

After the clinic we picked up some treats. A wimpy's burger so big I got four meals from it.

And we opened a really fun package from Scotland!

Lizzy put a lot of time and love into this card!

Interesting name - boiled sweets - but we liked the taste.

Last week we had a fun Halloween bingo party here in my building and I took a few pictures. These folks are my friends and neighbours not people at the nursing home so I think its ok to show them here.

Such good sports! Even my catheter bag had a costume!

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