Friday, 20 January 2017

Autumn and Logan are One!

Seems like a very good day for some cute I think. So please enjoy two special smash cake birthdays. 

This is Autumn. Guess how old she is :-) 

This cake is SO cute. But not as cute as those cheeks and ginger hair. 

Big sister Lorelai is no slouch in the cute department either!

And together they will rule the world!

Logan over in Scotland had an adorable birthday as well. 

Big sister Lizzy helped him celebrate with style. 

Logan is on the move these days. 

Lizzy has a very patient Mum who lets her be a big helper and break the eggs for real. Next stop The Great British Bake Off. (My current favourite tv show.) Well more likely Scottish in Lizzy's case. 

Wait for it...

Whoops! Hard to believe but

Heather said most of it actually went into the bowl!

Logan wishes the process was quicker. 

Finally time for the candle

Here's his Mum on her second birthday. She took it very seriously. 

That's Karen in the background helping blow in spirit. 

Logan got rich. 

And had a very fancy birthday suit!

That he alternately loved - the hat and hated - the tie. 

Not so sure



Not sure formal office work is in his immediate future. 

Happy birthday everyone including my nephew Todd who's 30 something birthday is today and is hopefully eating his cake rather than smashing it. 

These days my out door pictures are pretty gray. 

And in the case of these pictures changing them to black and white actually cheered them up. 

But I was just happy to see some birds again!

On Wednesday night my friend Judy and I cheered ourselves up by going out to eat at the Lancaster Smokehouse. 

It was amazing! Live music and unbelievable BBQ. 

Just one of these onion rings would have done. 

I thought I'd have to throw out most of the actual onion if they were strong but they were really mild. 

When I put my leftovers in the fridge I felt like I was putting away groceries. 

We even had New Orleans style, warm, made to order beignets (powdered donuts) for dessert. 

So much fun!


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  2. I can't get over how much Logan and Lizzy look like Heather. They are all so adorable. HaPpY BirThDay Autumn, Logan and Todd.