Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy Birthday Dana!

Today we celebrated my niece Dana's birthday. 

But first a cold slushy and beautiful drive to church. 

Later Cooper and Dana picked me up and we headed to their place. 

I think Cooper is the only 4 year old I know who enjoys smoked salmon. 

I know I should have stopped this, but you know, pictures. 

Feeling a bit left out Graycee?

I got the flowers for Dana not to take pictures of right?

Right :-)


Look down

And you'll see the cheese in the sandwich. 

Cooper says "hey guys, let's make a cheese sandwich!" and they do. 

Ozzy of the beautiful eyes. 

Playing with Max. 

Cooper and Grandpa are going to Florida tomorrow (for real) for a few days and he's getting ready!

Ozzy imitates...

The boss in the Dilbert cartoon

Not at all sure how Todd escaped unscathed. 

Chris out did himself with a rib dinner for Dana. 

Cooper shared his cheese string. 

Helped with the brownie cake for his mom. 

And helped her open one more present. 

Happy birthday Dana and have fun at Gator world guys!!

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