Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sprinkler Day Fun part 2

I'm glad I left this day in July unedited until now. They are fun pictures to learn a new photo editing program with and even though I went for a walk today I didn't find anything to take pictures of. The sun almost made it out but then decided it better not. 

Lots of sunshine on July 30th!

The lighting under a tent is a whole other animal. 

And we can see lots of running through sprinklers but very little actual sprinkle from this angle. 

But you can see the joy. 

More sprinkler action that actually includes visible water to come. 

The man with the green thumb. 

Love these. 

I'm still feeling the effects of having a tooth pulled but I think it's starting to ease up. That's what I'm telling myself anyway :-)

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