Saturday, 25 February 2017

Emily's Birthday

Today we had a fun family girls only (and Cooper) lunch to celebrate Emily turning 14. We love all our boys but it was fun to do this for the first time. Ironically we picked the Lancaster Smokehouse which is a dream restaurant for most meat loving men. Next time guys :-)

My ride :-)

A giant clothespin that I couldn't leave at Micheals. Emily's so creative and I'm sure she'll put it to good use. 

A reminder of who the bd girl was

Very nice to have Grandma Schlueter and Aunt Wendy join us! And Melissa drove in from Toronto!

We had an awesome waiter which just makes the experience all that much better. He wondered how we got away from the men 

Annette and honorary Aunt Jo :-)

This month's photo club assignment is to take pictures of food so this was a great chance!

Ava was super brave ordering pigtails and collard greens!

This is my third of a portion of ribs

Here's me snorting them. 

Birthday cookies

Aw dee's (theys) friends :-) as Emily would have said when she was little. 

We's friends too! My sister in law Mary. Got to see her two days in a row. Score!

Ava is catching up to Emily in height. Such beautiful young women!

Hugs all around

Happy birthday!

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