Monday, 27 February 2017

Squirrel tails

These are yesterday's squirrels. Today's were very shy. 

This fellow met me at my door but didn't get anything from me in my neighbourhood. 

There was a party going on at the bird feeders. 

Today was warmer than this but still felt pretty cold. The sun will always draw me outdoors though. 

Really is it too much ask to put peanuts in the proper location on this chair?

OK I'll eat the chicken food OK fine I will leave the check at the food I will eat the chickadee food.
(always fun to try typing with my voice now and then)

Somebody was having a good hair day.

Winner. The peanuts are in the correct location.

The cardinals are using my feeders but don't want me sitting as close as the other birds so I have to stake them out from further away.

Um empty!

A lot of years gone and I don't see any bug damage but I could be wrong. 

Harry's hoping for some new grass to eat soon. Yet if I bought him indoor cat grass he'd ignore it. 

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