Friday, 14 April 2017

And more birds

Beautiful day out there today. 

It was exciting to see a new bird today. This is a northern flicker woodpecker. 

Not the best pictures but I like the bright yellow feathers under the wings

And the red v. 

You could see the yellow feathers when it flew. 

You know you've been birdwatching in one area a long time when you notice a new bird because it flies differently than the other birds it's size. 

My usual costumer. 

Spider-Man made a guest appearance 

Luckily I was able to crop him out of my favourite picture of the day. 

I had one squirrel visitor until her boyfriend came and hurried her off. 

Darth Vader was posing today

This guy was huge!

We've had some nice cat walks but we continue to have disagreements regarding whether or not it's ok to sniff people's cars so it was a bit of a grumpy walk. I used to think he was sniffing for drugs until I realized that the chipmunks spend a lot of time under the hoods of cars. 

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