Monday, 10 April 2017

Birds bathing and a birthday dinner

We had some major rain this afternoon that provided the robins with some great bath time. 

The first one was in the parking lot. 

Then this guy sidled up closer to me and went to town. 

I had to wait till it stopped raining to pop over to the gazebo because I try not to walk during a thunderstorm. 

I wanted to catch the crocuses with raindrops on them but I think these might be over. 

We'll see if this one gets back up. 

The pussy willow tree is growing leaves. 

Then Mary and I went out for supper to the Fork and Cork just up the road. A really great place. Different and you feel like you're eating at a fancy restaurant. 

Melon mohitos. Refreshing but I learned that I don't like fresh mint. 

Very pretty though. 

Mary really liked her double stuffed beet and cheese ravioli. Sorry for the blur. 

My steak sandwich was terrific. Awesome fries with garlic aioli. 

And rhubarb pannacotta to share!

Last night's cat walk. 

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