Saturday, 8 April 2017

Windows to the world

We interrupt this blog about birds and squirrels for something pretty special. 

Last night I went to my friend Kathy's church for a very cool concert. This is the downtown campus of Lakeside church in Guelph. 

I don't think I have ever even been in a church that had windows like this much less one that was relaxed enough not to ask me to leave when I wandered around taking pictures before the concert. 

I love the side reflection. 

I would not do very well at all in churches and castles in England where you are often not allowed to take pictures. Sad to say I'm afraid the beauty would just make me angry. Not very "living in the moment" of me I know. 

I could cheerfully spend days in here watching what surprises the change in outside light brings. 

The concert was also relaxed and hugely entertaining. It was the Watoto children's choir from Africa. I'll show you more pictures and video of that another day but go ahead and have a listen here if you'd like:

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