Monday, 3 April 2017

Cooper visits the gazebo

I don't think robins are actually listening for worms but it sure looks like it. 


Today's set up. 

Rejected by the squirrels 

I'm sure every day with each new set up the chickadees are asking themselves - what fresh hell is this? My plan was to force some interaction with the apples by surrounding the seeds. 

It worked!

I chair trained this squirrel today. 

Tomorrow the training will be turned around when he glares pointedly at the chair until I put peanuts there. 

This was funny. I made an unauthorized sudden movement and he quickly flipped upside down. Because apparently upside down is safer. 

Angry glare. 

Cooper and his mom Dana!

Cooper got a lot closer to the squirrels than a year ago!

And they took his peanuts. 

He still needed to yell at the birds though. 

The chickadees hung in there. This one just moved around to the other side of the feeder. 

Always got time for a hug and an I love you

And popcorn!

Proving he's not cold. The hat head mohawk was a happy coincidence. 

A little more bird yelling which is pretty much the opposite of bird whispering

Which is fine with me cause my camera and I have missed Cooper!

A bad picture of my April news letter cover photo

And our photography club's first ever newsletter appearance!

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