Thursday, 27 April 2017

Magnolias and flags

I hope you like magnolias because I'm really going through a white magnolia phase. 

Also I continue to enjoy getting pictures of flags. 

This is the stand of white magnolias I've been visiting in Woodlawn cemetery just up the street. 

It's a little too far for me to walk so I've been corralling people to take me. It's a little odd to ask if they want to visit a tree in a cemetery with me but people have been great. 

It's actually a really beautiful peaceful spot with a fountain in the middle of a circle of trees. 

Here's a marriage of my two current obsessions. 

Sorry but I have another whole white blossoms shoot in late afternoon light that I haven't even looked at yet plus some purple blossoms as well. Oh and a cherry blossom branch that I took tons of pictures of and only realized later was fake. Ha!

A few pictures from around here. Anyone know what these flowers are?

This is what the pussy willow tree turns into:

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