Saturday, 21 October 2017

Lizzy and Logan in Spain

Sometimes when you're tired of thinking about how much something hurts the best remedy is to look at pictures of people you love having a great time. Earlier this week Heather and Gary and the kids were in Spain for a few days.

Logan discovered a passion for chasing pigeons and bubbles.

Lizzy got a balloon

That's a big pigeon!

So tickled by being nuzzled by a goat.

Lizzy gathered feathers for Harry!

And was a good sharer

Ice cream at the beach!

A little history now and then

Cheers with good olives

Balancing act

Last night so time to set the balloon free

With a note attached in case his new owner wants to write,

Back home in Scotland, time to make ghost cookies

tidy up

 try on Halloween costumes

And of course carve pumpkins!

Not sure he should be touching this stuff

but grew to enjoy!

Lizzy took over the camera and did a great job

Love this random boot shot - they are very special boots!

Thanks for brightening my day right up you guys!

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