Sunday, 8 October 2017

Meeting Georgie at Thanksgiving

Meet Georgie my niece Melissa's new puppy. She's a chug, part pug and part chihuahua.

At my request Karen made a tomato aspic. Such a blast from the past!

Anne explaining our food options

Always lots of food.

Georgie arrives

And we discover we all dressed like mimes.

I wish we had all pretended to be trapped in a box or something.

Official hand washer in action

My great niece Claire made us all a beautiful card!

And Anne made one for me:

Melissa made me Lego cookies, more about them in my next blog.

Josh and Georgie

Georgie was a good girl and did all her important business outside.


Georgie went home early or we wouldn't have needed to vacuum.


I love this spinach plant

Too many shadows


I love that Vivie was writing messages with water. I noticed them as we were walking but didn't see where they came from till I looked at the pictures,

My beautiful girls braved the direct sunlight for me.

Todd and Jen

More games

Jim was feisty!

I believe Todd won but Jen and I came in second, tee hee. (In Martin games there is no second - just win!)

Tillie popped in for a kiss

Back at home in my new to me comfy chair I was thankful for such a great family!

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