Saturday, 13 February 2016

A wonderful cold day

Today is Logan's one month birthday. Lizzy continues to adore him. 

Such a cute little man. 

Today was make your own sushi day in Scotland. Not sure it will replace Robbie Burns day anytime soon but looks well done!

Sticky rice for sure!

I got my first smart phone today. It meant chasing around town after the last phone available that went with the plan and Cooper was very patient. 

He had his special Valentine's Day outfit on with stickers from school. 

Thanks Dana and Cooper. 

Harry welcomed another device that he has to compete with for attention. 

As you can see it warmed up in time for an afternoon walk. 

I can't even believe he set foot outside but he insisted. 

Not for long but not in and out either. Brave brave Sir Robin. 

Not the kind of day to sit about waiting for animals who are well and truly packed away in nests but nice and bright anyway and the seeds are always gone by the next day. 

Nobody home in the thermometer either. 

Good day to try for some frozen bubbles. 

This activity allows for breaks indoors to warm myself and the bubble solution. 

It's really more of a two person game - trying to catch the bubbles breaking into glass - Harry wouldn't help, but I enjoyed myself anyway. 

The wind didn't help because it couldn't pick a direction. 

It's time to go in when the bubble solution gets viscous. 

My valentines for you all :-)

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