Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Anne's last few days in Scotland

I have really enjoyed following Anne's Grandma trip. She's been there for half of Logan's 6 week life and he rewarded her with some smiles! 

Here are the fun packed last few days. 

Awesome minion hat made by my niece Annette!

Fire breathing dragon!

So cute!

Such expressions!

Love these beach pictures. 

Anne's headwear today reminds me less of the Queen...

Than Mom in PEI in 2005

I know she won't mind :-)

Last day snuggles. 

And fond airport goodbyes. 

Thanks for sharing the love!

Harry has been enjoying this faux spring. 

Supposed to be a lot whiter tomorrow. 

We have some fun blogs coming up, I want to cover Karen's quartet singing the national anthem at a hockey game and Cooper came by for a fun visit today so you know there'll be a few pictures! In the meantime here are yesterday's squirrels. 

Notches climbed up this tree and lectured for at least 10 minutes. Not sure what that was all about. 

Grinch crawl. 


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