Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Forfar bridies and snowy whiskers

Such a British Isles photo. Noddy and a red post box. Sadly you can hardly see Anne's Queen Elizabeth in the countryside kerchief. 

Anne enjoying a Forfar Bridie a meat filled pastry invented in Gary and Heather's town of Forfar. 

Not completely traditional because it had chicken filling instead of minced beef. Also according to Wikipedia they are called bridies either because they were often served at weddings which I doubt because I've also read that pasties were how people took their lunch to work or after a lady named Maggie Bridie who sold them at market and if there's one hole instead of two it means there's no onion. But I suppose expecting the Bridie to be exactly traditional every time is like going to the farmer's market here and expecting every shoe fly pie to be the same. 

Here's a recipe:

I read that you crimp the edges (of Cornish pasties anyway) because the miner's hands would be so dirty that they'd throw away the crimped part that was blackened by their fingers where they held it. Cool. 

Such sweetness. 

Skate park fun. 

My ride to the poker game last night takes a pretty good selfie. 

Cooper brought a delicious dessert that he helped make 

And made our coffee for us. He gave the cup a kiss - a service you just don't (perhaps hopefully) receive at Tim Hortons but was much appreciated here. 

Henry was the official winner of the poker game but there's an asterisk beside the win because Caleb needed to leave and so was forced to go all in for each of the last 20 hands or so. He had most of the chips for a long while. 

The winner taking a tentative bite out of the dealer cracker. 

As you can see, I had been out of the game and in a comfy chair for a long time   by this point chatting with this pretty girl. 

Before poker yesterday my gazebo squirrels were out and very chipper and social. 

I'm enjoying trying to catch them on the move. 


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