Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ground hog day 2016

Harry actually took a little walk today over to some fake flowers.  

He even found a little real grass. 

Ground hog Harry doesn't see his shadow and sees that the sage has made it through winter so far. 

There's still a hint of colour in the real roses. 

Yesterday was so nice and sunny. 

You don't often see much affection or peace between squirrels - it's more either get the heck off my lawn or boys chase the girls but these two were sitting quietly out on a limb for quite a while. 

Maybe waiting for the paparazzi to leave :-)

Today was a mostly cloudy ground hog day. I didn't see my shadow until halfway through my walk. 

The snow has retreated enough that I'm able to sit over at the gazebo again. 

This is Notches territory. 

She put up with this guy for a while. 

But when he tried to boss her away she turned on him and sent him packing. 

This is her triumphant return. 

Notches pretending to bury food. 

Squirrel shadow. 

The exiled guy came back but stayed on the periphery. 

Thought I might see some birds so I put a bit of food in the feeder but I did not reach my target audience. 

Here's a picture of where a cardinal was a few seconds ago. 

And here's a picture of Grandma Anne arriving in Scotland today to visit Lizzy and Logan!

My meme from two years ago. Ground hog day seems like an appropriate day to repeat things. 

Don't think it worked. 


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