Saturday, 20 February 2016

Anne abroad

Anne is enjoying her last weekend in Scotland. She flys home on Tuesday. She's hoping to see a Logan smile before then. Heather has seen a few.  

Logan had a great check up with the Heath visitor. He's gaining weight steadily and can finally wear 0-3 month clothes. 


Delicious steak and gravy pie for supper and smoked haddock and salmon for lunch. Anne really enjoyed that!

Had fun with some frames. 

Anne says she's noticing some rolled r's starting in Lizzy's words. I can't even predict how many billion videos Emily and I will take of that this summer! 

Serious Harry. 

Pictures from the last two days.

Yesterday there was still a white background. 

The picnic table gang showed up very promptly today.  

Burying a peanut. 

I don't get the whole burying thing because they can clearly smell food from many yards away. I don't know why casually scratching dirt around a peanut will make it their own but what do I know.  

Meanwhile over at gazeboville 

Notches was working out on the pole. 

No doubt who this is. 


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