Friday, 26 February 2016

Roll up the rim squirrels

I thought I'd try out a little prop today. As you can see I eventually had some takers 

But it took a while so I got out the bubbles. 

Sure enough Notches eventually came hurrying home from a shopping trip over in the woods. 

She always tries out every stump but I only put food on the cup one today. 

The cup was not accepted right away. 

But food is food. 

WB checked out the usual food drops. 

And was very pointed about her opinion as to none being there. 

I just love the casual foot on the rim here. 

Everyone headed up a tree when the road cleaning truck got too close. 

I broke down and put some food in the proper spot. 

I think Notches is going to be a mama again soon. 

The noisy truck wouldn't stop so I headed over to the picnic table crew. 

This was so funny. This squirrel literally did a double take when it saw the bubbles go by. 

Took a lot more pictures over here that I'll post another time. 


Please read the hashtags!

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