Friday, 2 December 2016

A box of tulip treats

There was zero squirrel action over at the gazebo today. It was a raw windy day when all sensible creatures hunker down in nests but my brother Al came over to plant a squirrel and Chippy buffet in my flowerbed. 

It's a really cool idea but I expect to see lots of little holes over the next few days.  However any tulips that make it will be most welcome. 

Max was waiting patiently for his dad. 

We went over to put up a feeder where I'll be able to fill it if we ever get snow because they don't plow the sidewalk that goes to the gazebo so that area will be cut off. 

Too cold to worry about getting this happy boy in focus. He loves this weather. 

Hopefully it's far enough away from buildings that I stay out of trouble. It's as squirrel proof a feeder as I could find without spending over a hundred dollars. 

Let's pretend that's a gold ribbon and not what it is, an elastic used to keep the lid on so the whole thing doesn't fall down when a squirrel hops on board. I hope this works out because I'm going to like this background. 

Thanks Al and Max!

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